Thursday, April 1, 2010


Joshua stood transfixed in the moment. So many mixed feelings awash with blood. Death is never pleasant, he thought, even the death of an enemy. He begged to be my slave? As if I was the free man.

The deathly silence was broken by Salman walking towards Phinehas. The crowd parted, and everyone saw he was carrying his brother's body in his arms.

“Zebulan is dead.”

“You tell his wife,” answered Phinehas

“You’re that heartless?”

“What, you're his brother, of course you'll tell his wife,” replied Phinehas.

“Tell her what?” asked Salman, “You rode the camels too early and too far. Your reckless lust for glory broke our ranks. No, you tell her.”

Joshua sensed the tension rising, but felt like he couldn’t take sides. His purpose there was to unite, not divide the troops.

Phinehas walked closer to Salman, close enough to whisper. “I led from the front. It's war. What did you expect?'

Phinehas turned aside to walk away but Caleb stood in the way. He wasn't moving, and after a moment of uneasiness, Phinehas yielded and walked around him.

Joshua realized the situation was deteriorating. “Salman, we did all you could to save your brother.”

“I prayed he would live,” replied Salman.

“You'll see him at the resurrection.”

Somehow Joshua's answer didn't seem enough, both for Salman and Joshua. But it was the only hope they had. It would be a long march back to camp.

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