Thursday, March 25, 2010

Better to give than receive

Down to business, Joshua leaned over and whispered in Salman’s ear. “Where do you want us? Not to get in your way.”

“Lie flat and keep your head down. You’ll be safe.”

Joshua watched Salman step forward and turn to face the front line.

“Slingers load.” His orders sparked two thousand slingers into action as Joshua hurriedly pulled Caleb flat to the ground out of harms way.

Joshua saw the intensity in Salman’s eyes as reached into his munitions pouch and loaded his slingshot. The straps were much longer than a shepherd’s sling so the heavy shot needed to kill an armored solider could reach a longer distance.

Salman crouched down like an hammer thrower, and in perfect timing with every other slinger he turned his entire body around several times to reach full velocity.

Good Lord, thought Joshua as the sling whirled inches above him, that thing really could take my head off.

“Argghhhh...” Salman released the sling from his grip and sent the deadly missile rocketing high into the sky. In a split second, two thousand other slingshots filled the clear blue skies with death.

Joshua looked up in awe - better to give than to receive! There was silence for a second, but the earth soon trembled with anticipation.

“Now?” asked Joshua.

“NO! Keep your head down,” yelled Salman.

“Yes! Yes of course.”

In a carefully orchestrated move, nine thousand Hebrew foot soldiers quickly formed into columns, about twelve feet apart to make way for the camels. The thunder of Phinehas and a thousand camelry charging through the Hebrew ranks past Joshua was planned to catch the Midianites by surprise.

And surprised they were. Not knowing whether to raise their shields for protection or to fire at the camel charge, the Midianite archers froze with confusion and terror.

“Well done!” Joshua exclaimed, “that’ll show them what we’re made of.”

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