Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our new fearless leader?

Caleb picked up the axe and handed it to Joshua. “Hey, you want to try it again with one hand?”


“You deaf?”

“No,” replied Joshua.

Caleb chuckled. “I said can you do it with one hand?”

“Is it safe?”

“Our new fearless leader?” Caleb laughed, “is it safe?”

“Alright, alright. You’re always so competitive, aren’t you?” replied Joshua.

He placed the split half-log back up on the block, and took a firm grip of the axe handle with his right hand. Slowly, he raised the axe above his head, trembling with the strain on his muscles.

“Steady now,” said Caleb.

“Don’t distract me,” Joshua chuckled.

THUD! The axe completely missed it’s target, embedding firmly into the chopping block instead.

Caleb laughed, “Ha! Don’t worry, it’s not easy.”

“Well this axe was made for two hands,” replied Joshua.

“Sure it was,” Caleb chuckled. “No. You’re right - two hands are better”

“Caleb...” Joshua spoke in a more serious tone.

“I know, I know,” Caleb nodded. “I’m your left hand. Always have been. Always will be. You can be sure of it my friend.”

Joshua smiled and handed the axe back to Caleb. They had been friends long enough to know each other’s thoughts. “Till Canaan then.”

“Nothing’s changed. Canaan or death,” Caleb replied. And Joshua knew he meant it.

“Now the question is, can you do it?” asked Joshua.


“With one hand.”

“Not till yesterday - been practising for weeks”

Caleb, placed another hefty log onto the chopping block and held the axe firmly in his favored left hand. It was now clear to Joshua he had done this many times before.

“No way,” Joshua marveled as he watched Caleb extend his muscular arm and raised the axe high above his head.

“Yes way.”

“How old are you again?” asked Joshua


CHOP! Caleb landed a powerful blow straight down the middle of the log, sending both halves flying in opposite directions.

Joshua smiled and shook his head in astonishment. “Alright. You’ve got me. But tomorrow, I’ll race you around the camp.”

“Ha!” laughed Caleb. “And I’ll be robed in pure gold, riding a white horse.”

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